Young Boy

Why music therapy?

Participating in music affects many areas of the brain, and music therapy can positively influence children with special needs. I conduct music therapy assessments and provide individualized, evidence-based interventions to each child for optimal results.

Music therapy goals may include:

  • To improve social skills
  • To improve fine and gross motor skills
  • To enhance emotion regulation
  • To increase attention span
  • To facilitate communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • To gain academic and non-academic skills (colors, numbers, and letters etc.)
Music therapy interventions for children may include:
  • Hello Song (social skills and communication skills through verbal and non-verbal interactions)
  • Singing (communication skills, academic and non-academic skills, and emotion regulation)
  • Instrumental Play (structured music-making for attention and freestyle “improvisation” for self-expression)
  • Movements to Music (fine and gross motor skills)
  • Relaxation with Music (emotion regulation)
  • Good-Bye Song (social skills)

Please contact us at 913-744-1265 or for any questions!


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