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A Quote about Music by Oliver Sacks, MD

Resource:  Noriko Nakamura, MT-BC, Music Therapy Services’ Pinterest Board “Quotes — Music” Advertisements

Dementia · End-of-Life · Health & Music · Hospice · Medical

Music Therapy with Dementia (Video)

The following video (Music Therapy with Dementia) was created by the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. Many people with dementia come to life when you provide music that is appropriate for them.  This video shares beautiful moments occurred during a music therapy session.

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Great Article about Music & Dementia

In my last blog, I said I would write about practical ways of using music for people who have dementia. I found an excellent article, so I would like to share that with you.  The following information was provided by Dr. Alicia Ann Clair, Ph.D., MT-BC, professor and director of the Division of Music Education… Continue reading Great Article about Music & Dementia

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Are You Inspired by Henry?

(Please watch this video first…) Are you inspired by Henry and ready to use music for your loved ones? Here are some tips from a board-certified music therapist: Personalizing the musical selection for your loved one is very important. Look through your loved one’s musical collections (e.g. records/cassette tapes/CDs :)). People with Alzheimer’s disease tend… Continue reading Are You Inspired by Henry?


Henry from the Documentary “Alive Inside”

This clip is from the documentary “Alive Inside”.  Henry seems depressed and does not respond to anything but to his favorite music. I see this type of response almost everyday in my music therapy practice. Enjoy!     Dr. Tomaino, music therapist, talks about the benefits of music:

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Tips for using music with your loved ones who have memory loss

  As a board-certified music therapist, I have been working with people who have dementia, including Alzheimer’s type, for almost 10 years.  Appropriate music can bring back memories and facilitate interaction.  Here are some tips for using music with your loved ones who have memory loss: 1. Even if you think you “can’t carry a… Continue reading Tips for using music with your loved ones who have memory loss

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Welcome to MUSICAL JOURNEY owned by Noriko, a Master’s level board-certified music therapist. We provide music therapy & music lessons/groups in the Greater Kansas City area. Our clients for music therapy include but are not limited to: persons with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and history of stroke.… Continue reading Welcome!