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How Can Music Therapy Help Hospice Patients?

Hospice provides patients with various services to address their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. So, how can music therapy help? Music therapy can: Provide positive changes in mood and emotional states Create emotional intimacy when families share musical experiences Provide healthy emotional outlets Facilitate reminiscence and life review Offer diversion from physical pain and […]

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Music Making without Reading Notes

You can make nice music without reading notes! 1. Put stickers on piano keys just like the picture below. 2. Freely play these “red notes” to the play-along accompaniment I created: . Trust me, it is going to sound wonderful because there are no right or wrong notes in this method. 3. Play “loudly” & “softly”… Continue reading Music Making without Reading Notes

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A Quote about Music by Oliver Sacks, MD

Resource:  Noriko Nakamura, MT-BC, Music Therapy Services’ Pinterest Board “Quotes — Music”

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Einstein & Music

Did you know Albert Einstein played music? He played the violin and piano. I am not saying that playing music makes everyone become like Einstein. But music appeared to be an important part of his life and intuition according to the following quotes and article (link). “If I were not a physicist, I would probably… Continue reading Einstein & Music

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Music Therapy with Dementia (Video)

The following video (Music Therapy with Dementia) was created by the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. Many people with dementia come to life when you provide music that is appropriate for them.  This video shares beautiful moments occurred during a music therapy session.

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Great Article about Music & Dementia

In my last blog, I said I would write about practical ways of using music for people who have dementia. I found an excellent article, so I would like to share that with you.  The following information was provided by Dr. Alicia Ann Clair, Ph.D., MT-BC, professor and director of the Division of Music Education… Continue reading Great Article about Music & Dementia

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Are You Inspired by Henry?

(Please watch this video first…) Are you inspired by Henry and ready to use music for your loved ones? Here are some tips from a board-certified music therapist: Personalizing the musical selection for your loved one is very important. Look through your loved one’s musical collections (e.g. records/cassette tapes/CDs :)). People with Alzheimer’s disease tend… Continue reading Are You Inspired by Henry?